Can you agree to disagree, while still being agreeable?

Scottsdale Leadership Marketing & Resource Development Manager

Last weekend’s newspaper article by Stephen Covey caught my eye. It was titled 7 highly effective ways to help Americans get along. You’ve probably heard of Stephen Covey, but did you know that he is America’s top leadership expert? The article discusses the 7 ways to come together as a community. As we go about our daily lives we sometimes forget the small things that make us effective leaders. To make a difference in our community and set a good example for future generations we need to stop and reflect on what actually makes people come together.

The article discusses seven ideas, but my take away from this article is to try something new. We all must broaden our horizons and continue to grow and learn. If we never try anything new, how are we able to know that anything else exists? Covey states: “if you don’t do something that you’ve never done before your worldview will be too limited to inspire real change.”

To read the full article by Stephen Covey click here.

After the article Covey includes a self quiz to see how good you are at getting along,

I scored a 45, can you beat my score?



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7 responses to “Can you agree to disagree, while still being agreeable?

  1. Patti Counce

    Thank you Rachel, I am now a member of the Covey Community! I did not score quite as well as you in the quiz (I scored a 43) but I read the article last weekend and I did start to reflect on ways I could improve my communication skills. Listening skills for starters. Too often I think we start forming a response instead of really listening to what is being said. So that was my take away.
    Self-improvement starts with self-awareness!

  2. Lindsey Beres

    Great job getting the blog up and running. Will look forward to seeing upcoming posts. Great article you touched on. I scored very similar to you.. imagine that. Keep the good info coming! Congrats.


  3. melissarzeppa

    Great post. It’s so easy to get caught up in a normal daily routine without expanding your horizons and trying something new…and it’s so easy to focus on the “me” and not the “us.” This article is definitely inspiring, I’m going to pass it along to my team!

  4. Becki/AZ

    Well, I clearly need to work on improving my score. The questions were well presented to make me think of changing some of the ways I interact with others. Thank you for posting the quiz.

  5. Nicole Hodges

    Thank you for sharing this blog with us. I missed this article in the paper last weekend but I am glad that you didn’t. My take away from this article was also to try something new. I need to take time to try new things so I will be able to continue to grow. Thank you Rachel!

  6. Allison Grigg

    Great article Rachel! Thanks for sharing! I scored a 42 on the test.

  7. Michael Muto

    Hi Rachel! I scored a 43 on the quiz. I really thought the part about laughter was an important take away. The problems that exists in this world would be easier to solve, if everyone could share a laugh first.

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