Leadership Experiences should be shared

Scottsdale Leadership Marketing and Resource Development Manager

In today’s Scottsdale Republic an article by Russell Helwig titled “Share Leadership Experiences” was very engaging. From time to time you may read articles by John Hersey or books like Stephen R. Covey’s, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but how often do you share your experiences? We each have knowledge that could benefit others.  To make a difference in our community we need to not only listen to what others have to say but also contribute our knowledge so others can learn.

The article discusses how we should be taking the lead and share a story, tip or leadership lesson. Helwig says “Leadership is not about thinking you have all the answers” and I agree. He is asking you and I, as leaders, to voice our opinions so we can share are experience with all.

Now I want to know, what knowledge will you share today?

Inspirational speaker Russell Helwig writes a leadership column for the AZ Republic.  He can be reached at 623-334-1641 or russ@inspireandlead.com.



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2 responses to “Leadership Experiences should be shared

  1. At the community forum this morning, it was interesting to hear many of the speakers speak about leadership. I think all of them took a passion and a vision and came into leadership by accident. However, through their experiences they were able to inspire others to greatness. This is the mark of a true leader.

    Though there is a fine line between bragging and sharing.

  2. Very true. It’s important to take those things we learn and experience and share them with others around us (co-workers, friends, family, etc.) in some way or another. Sometimes, we do that without even realizing it!

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