Get out and Vote Tomorrow!

Scottsdale Leadership Marketing and Resource Development Manager

In today’s article published by the Scottsdale Republic, Arizona residents are prompted to be decision makers. Do you have an opinion on Proposition 100? Then don’t forget to vote tomorrow.

Proposition 100 is an Arizona Sales Tax Increase on the May 18 special election ballot. It is a temporary, three year increase in the Arizona sales tax from 5.6 to 6.6 cents. Two-thirds of the money is reserved for education and one-third is reserved for health care and public safety.

To read the Pros and Cons of the bill click here.

Whether you support or oppose Proposition 100, get out and vote. You need to be a decision maker!

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8 responses to “Get out and Vote Tomorrow!

  1. Joy

    I think there seemed to be quite a bit of coverage at first stating that Prop 100 has the support it needs to pass. Heard a report yesterday, however, stating that the number of people that oppose it are higher than initially thought.

    My advice is to not just assume that Prop 100 will do what the news folks are reporting it will do, make sure you do your research! The only way to make absolutely sure is to get out and vote on it!

  2. Jennifer Rueb

    As always, the best way to have an opinion is to make it count at the poles. Standing around the water cooler complaining never gets you very far!
    I agree with Rachel “Make your Vote Count”!

  3. Mike Seiden

    What kind of economy do we want in Arizona? Do we want an economy that appeals to companies primarily because we can provide cheap labor or do we want highly skilled jobs requiring college degrees and graduate school? Companies that hire educated, highly paid workers are looking for communities with strong school systems, support for the arts and plentiful opportunities for recreation. While prop.100 won’t solve our budget crisis, it’s a step to plug up part of the gap in the short term while our government officials try to figure out a longer term solution. Vote “YES” on prop. 100.

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  5. Carol Damaso

    Leaders should always, always vote.

  6. Leaders should always vote. Carol

  7. Suzanne Walden-Wells

    Raise the vibration of the dialogue.

  8. Doreen Reinke

    Vote and your voice gets heard

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