The Inspiration Begins

Katherine Yu, Class 25 Blogger
Sr. Scientist  – Henkel Consumer Goods Inc.

The Class 25 Blog
This is a blog series about the experience and impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s seventeen core program days.  The program informs, inspires and empowers leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community.

Orientation Day – And so our Scottsdale Leadership journey begins…
If I had to describe orientation in one word, it would be “inspired.” I choose inspired because every aspect of Day One was a source of inspiration. The speakers and volunteers spoke with such pride and fondness of Scottsdale Leadership. The program was so meticulously and thoughtfully assembled by the Staff. There was no detail left unnoticed or untended to. Even the careful construction of the roster for Class XXV was apparent. The heritage and pride for the program, along with the longevity of 25 years of legacy is obvious. This silver anniversary is both triumphant and hopeful for everyone involved.

Rarely will you find a meeting of four dozen people with the eagerness and drive of our Class XXV. I was struck by the diversity of background, skill, and experience of the group. I was even more surprised to see the diverse group come together with such ease and cohesiveness. The common themes of family, community, and making a difference for the future were embodied in every 90 seconds. Our common goal to learn and make positive change was bonding.

John Little was particularly inspiring. The lack of leadership on a global scale is disappointing. “Where are all the leaders?” he asks. What does it mean to Lead Out? What does it mean for our Class? What does it mean for me?  What is the fire in your belly that gives you the passion and motivation needed to risk it all to lead out? What does it take to be a leader? Questions we hope will be answered over the next 9 months. To begin, we build on Arizona’s Five C’s. To lead you need: Curiosity, Creativity, Communication, Character, Courage, Conviction, Credibility, Charisma, Competence, Common sense, and Concentration. To seek out strengths in others that you lack. To listen for the question that wasn’t asked.

If the first day of class is any indication of what is in store for us over the next 9 months, we need to hang on for the ride of our lives. I could feel the anticipation and eagerness as we left the room. We were inspired by our teachers and guides, our community, our classmates, and ourselves. Day One was truly inspired.

I would like to hear back from each of you on what might inspire you to lead out? Or how did Scottsdale Leadership inspire you?



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4 responses to “The Inspiration Begins

  1. Kimberly Crowther Miller

    Class 25 is indeed inspiring! I snuck in to the first class day to watch the 90-second commercials and was just as awestruck by the diversity that Yu describes. It will be fun to follow this blog to see how the year progresses!

  2. Congrats to Class 25! Drop your inhibitions and throw yourself into the program! There’s inspiration around every turn!

  3. Dana

    The first day of class ignited my desire to learn new things and meet new people. It is so nice to learn and interact with people that I might not have the chance to meet in my work and everyday life.

    I hope that I will learn something new at each and every class.

    Thanks for the post Katherine.

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    Keep up the good work!

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