The Growing Need and Diminishing Resources

Katherine Yu, Class 25 Class Blogger
Sr. Scientist  – Henkel Consumer Goods Inc.

The Class 25 Blog: This is a blog series about the experience and impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s seventeen core program days.  The program informs, inspires and empowers leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community.

Did you know that Arizona has the second worst poverty level in the country next to Mississippi?  Yes, you read that correctly. We have one of the highest levels of people living in poverty the country. When you hear the words: needy, poverty, hunger, neglect, isolation, it is easiest to imagine an impoverished developing country where people are struggling to survive. It is difficult to know that these words describe your own community. For me, Social Services and Youth Issues Day redefined these words.

These words affect our neighbors, friends, ourselves, all of us. No one is immune to unexpected catastrophe or circumstances out of our control. We all know someone who has lost their job, or someone who is caring for an aging parent, or someone whose child is overcoming drug addiction. Or we know someone who knows someone who knows someone… One day we might find ourselves become that “someone.”

We all play a part. We are all connected.

Today there is dire need in our community, but ironically the resources are diminishing. When faced with so much tragedy and struggle, we can find hope, resilience, and human connection.

What can and should we do? Listen, pay attention, get involved. To start, consider the following:

The Vista del Camino Community Center in south Scottsdale provides social services to those in need. Donate food items, clothing, money, and time.

Scottsdale has three amazing senior centers. Stop by, be a holiday angel, offer your skills, teach a class, be a friend.

Protect our youth by instilling self-worth, confidence, responsibility and accountability. It takes ONE caring adult to make the difference in a young person’s life. Be a mentor, big brother, or big sister. Be present. Even if you do not have children, those of us that do need your help. It takes a village.

The needs are growing, resources are diminishing — What will you do today?



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2 responses to “The Growing Need and Diminishing Resources

  1. One of the easiest things we can do is vote no for Prop 302. It would eliminate First Things First and most of what little funding we have left in Arizona to support children ages birth to five.

  2. Suzanne Paetzer

    Nice job on the blog Katherine!

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