Leadership Spotlight – Kelly Norton, Class III

Current place of employment and title: The Bead Museum, Executive Director

Community Involvement:
Phoenix Suns Charities – Current Chairman of the Board
Arizona Commission on the Arts – Commission Member

How has Scottsdale Leadership enhanced your community involvement? It gave me a good introduction into the various areas of the community so I could see where my interests were and over the years has introduced me to new community leaders.

What’s the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned and how did you learn it? It’s not just the leaders vision that makes a business or a non-profit successful, it is the ideas and vision of everyone involved. Surround yourself with people who have vision and drive. This is just something I have come to know over time. I may have a vision and be driven by something, but if I don’t listen to the people around me, and have their buy-in, then it is only a limited vision.

What do you consider the keys to effective leadership? Be a good listener; put people first; don’t be afraid of change, challenges and taking risks.

If you were interviewing different community leaders, what one question would you ask to gain insight into how they lead? What is the difference between a manager and a leader?

If you could solve any community issue or need, what would it be? To make sure all students have access to the arts at a young age so that they have an understanding of the value of supporting the arts in the community when they are old enough to start giving back.

What is your as-good-as-it-gets moment in volunteering? Doing site visits of non-profits Phoenix Suns Charities supports. There are so many incredible programs in the community and actually getting an opportunity to see them in action makes me feel great!

What is your favorite gadget? My hand blender

What do you do to recharge your batteries? I cook or travel if I can take the time!

What was your most memorable Scottsdale Leadership Class day and why? Our visit to the Police Department. It really made me appreciate the important and difficult job these people have.

What advice can you give Class XXV? Keep in touch with your classmates. Network! You never know where life will take you and who will be there when you get there.

Leadership Spotlight
This is a blog series about the experience and impact Scottsdale Leadership has on its alumni and the community.  To date more than 800 graduates have been empowered to lead youth, civic, and philanthropic organizations in Scottsdale and throughout Arizona.


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