Art in Scottsdale PHE.NOM.EN.AL.

Class 25- Art Day

Katherine Yu, Class 25 Class Blogger
Sr. Scientist – Henkel Consumer Goods Inc.

The Class 25 Blog: This is a blog series about the experience and impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s seventeen core program days.  The program informs, inspires and empowers leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community.

There is one word to describe Arts Day in Scottsdale Leadership: PHE.NOM.EN.AL. I was completely astounded at the breadth of variety, quality, and quantity of art to be found in Scottsdale. The aspects of the Scottsdale art community I could appreciate most are the public art, the artistic heritage, and the art advocates.

This Scottsdale Leadership Program Day included a bus tour of some of the public art that Scottsdale offers. I loved this part of the day because it forced me to take the time to appreciate my surroundings. As I gazed at the art elements which adorn the 101, I realized that I had never been a passenger along this road. My solitary commute to work never allowed me to see the beauty that was there all along. Public art in Scottsdale is a treasure and can serve as a point of pride for each member of the community. It speaks to the importance of art as an essential component of our everyday life and the fight to maintain that priority. It allows for equal accessibility because everyone can appreciate pubic art. Whether or not you like or dislike a piece, the art provokes thought, keeps the discussion going, and beautifies our surroundings. It is these hidden gems in the community that really sets Scottsdale apart.

Art is Scottsdale’s heritage. Artists from around the world from different points in history have called Scottsdale home. The art here serves to preserve our past and celebrate the present and future. During the art walk, our class had the privilege to visit Expressions In Bronze and meet Dave McGary himself. His internationally renowned sculptures were absolutely breathtaking. He spoke of his 7th grade art teacher, also the school football coach, who inspired him to become an artist. As a teenager, he became an apprentice in bronze-making in Italy, and the rest is history. Later in the day, we learned how art can benefits our youth by encouraging better test scores, self esteem, and even time management. We appreciate art because it is part of Scottsdale’s past, but it is clear that it must also be part of the future.

Finally, the most phenomenal aspect of this program day was all the people involved. Never have I met a group of people with such passion for their work. The artists, curators, performers, volunteers, and advocates, they all clearly love what they do. That passion is contagious. These people live, eat, and breathe art. They create for a living. That is inspiring, inspiration to go to a museum, stop to gaze at sculpture on the side of the road, or attend a live performance. I am still amazed at how much resides in our own community.

Please share with me, what is your favorite art destination in Scottsdale?


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One response to “Art in Scottsdale PHE.NOM.EN.AL.

  1. Great blog Katherine!

    My favorite Scottsdale Public Art piece is the LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana!

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