How Healthy is Our Community?

Katherine Yu

Katherine Yu, Class 25 Class Blogger
Sr. Scientist – Henkel Consumer Goods Inc.

The Class 25 Blog: This is a blog series about the experience and impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s seventeen core program days.  The program informs, inspires and empowers leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community.

For me, the best part of going through the Scottsdale Leadership program is the exposure to so many different perspectives and realities. Each class day allows me to remove myself from my everyday life to see how others experience their jobs and the community we share. As I progress, it becomes more apparent how diverse and complex the issues that Scottsdale faces. However, it also reinforces how uniquely beautiful and intriguing Scottsdale remains.

On this Scottsdale Leadership program day we focused on building a healthy community. The healthcare industry is particularly interesting because it is unlike any other. It directly affects every person, truly regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, background, and any other differences. I came away from this day with a reinforced awareness to stay engaged, a sense of pride for the level of quality healthcare our community enjoys, and a greater appreciation for healthcare professionals.

Healthcare finance and reform are daunting topics to explain. However, I appreciated both Brian Steines and Michelle Pabis from Scottsdale Healthcare in how they presented the topics. Both were articulate and knowledgeable and clearly communicated many of the issues and complexities. It is evident that the landscape of healthcare finance is changing and individuals have a responsibility to stay engaged in those developments.

I was also surprised and reassured to see the quality of healthcare in Scottsdale. Clearly the primary objective is patient and employee satisfaction. Scottsdale Healthcare and Mayo Clinic serve as role models for other communities, and focus on individual holistic care. I appreciate the sense of community and collaboration in improving the health of Scottsdale as a common goal.

Finally, this day made me think back to all the times when a nurse or doctor has touched my life. Nurses, doctors, hospital administrators, and other healthcare professionals are extraordinary individuals whose careers are based on taking care of others. These are special people that thrive on the human experience, and specialize in maintaining dignity in the most vulnerable of times. Every person in the room could testify to an experience where a doctor or nurse made a difference in their life. My mother has been a NICU nurse for over 35 years. She is a remarkable woman who not only worked night shifts just so she could pick me up from school each day, but I think of all the miracles she helped facilitate as parents were able to bring their babies home. I am extremely grateful and humbled by this astonishing group of people.

When has a healthcare professional touched your life?


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