Scottsdale Healthcare partners with the US military

Ryan O'DanielRyan O’Daniel, Class 25
Political Consultant, Kyle Moyer & Company

On Wednesday, January 19th, I attended the grand opening of Scottsdale Healthcare’s Military Training Center, located in Old Town Scottsdale, on the Scottsdale Healthcare medical campus. The event was accompanied by a press conference in order to announce the operation of the new facility.  It was interesting to see the dynamic between the public, elected officials, and event security in the wake of the tragic shooting in Tucson.  With Governor Brewer, Mayor Jim Lane, and the Honorable Harry Mitchell all in attendance, security was heightened.  While personnel kept a relatively low profile, choosing not to implement metal detectors or any intrusively visible measures, their presence was certainly felt.

This private/public partnership is a dynamic relationship between Scottsdale Healthcare and the US Military.  The mission of the facility is to help train and better prepare our military servicemen and women for medical combat.  While Scottsdale Healthcare has a long history of partnering with our armed services, this state of the art facility will enable our military to be better equipped for combat missions.

Scottsdale Healthcare is a leader in the medical field and has grown from one campus on Osborn in Old Town Scottsdale, to three campuses city-wide.  As the company has grown, so has their influence within the community.  Aside from being a healthcare leader, Scottsdale Healthcare has clearly demonstrated their impact and growing relevance both inside and outside the city of Scottsdale.  Taking a leadership role in an area of expertise is often overlooked by local business, but it can be the distinguishing factor between simply being a part of an industry, and leading it.

Scottsdale Healthcare can benefit from strong leadership in a variety of ways.  Since Scottsdale Healthcare is a non-profit, their success is based largely on strong leadership.  Vision through thoughtful leadership is what has guided and will continue to guide organizations like Scottsdale Healthcare.  In addition the medical provider relies heavily on volunteers.  Volunteering is certainly an area where strong leadership is necessary to the overall mission of providing the highest quality medical care.

While outside leadership is important to the success of Scottsdale Healthcare, the internal leadership is pivotal as well.  It is clear that the guidance of the executive staff filters through the ranks of employees to positively impact every staff member.  From the nurses to the doctors, from security staff to the board of directors, leadership is prevalent throughout each and every facility.  Without the leadership of Thomas Sadvary, Scottsdale Healthcare would simply be another hospital.  Today, however, Scottsdale Healthcare is a market innovator as a result of the leaders that guide based on resolve in the best interest of their business, staff, and community.

Overall, the event was a great experience.  The audience was engaged and the speakers were welcoming.  The facility is an amazing addition to Scottsdale Healthcare’s campus and will be a great support facility for the military.


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