Scottsdale Leadership does make a difference!

Karolyn KiburzKarolyn Kiburz, CMP, Class XXIII
President, Meetings & Concierges Source, LLC

This blog is part of a series from alumni about their experience in Scottsdale Leadership. Scottsdale Leadership is currently recruiting participants for Class 26. Visit for details.

I graduated from Scottsdale Leadership in May 2009. It was such a fantastic experience that I chose to stay involved with the organization. I’ve have served on a couple of committees and will serve on the Board of Directors in 2011-12.

This year Scottsdale Leadership celebrates their 25th anniversary.  The celebration was held on April 14 with Kurt Warner as the keynote speaker and a joint $25,000 gift to the community by Scottsdale Leadership and the Kurt Warner’s First Things First Foundation. The gift was shared by STARS and The Best Buddies program. The event was one of the organization’s highlights. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Leadership and the community in the next 25 years!

Kim Conway-Edwards was the alum that inspired me to be a part of Scottsdale Leadership. I have worked with Kim on a professional level since 2000 and we became fast friends. Since I the first time I met her, she encouraged me to apply for Scottsdale Leadership but the timing was never right.  However, she never gave up!

Kim is a true example of the type of leader the community needs. She possesses incredible ethics, has high standards and makes a difference in the activities she’s involved in.  She also encourages others to do the same and give back to the community.

I’m thrilled to be a part of Scottsdale Leadership and cherish the experiences and friendships I have made since becoming involved.

I’ve grown as a community steward too!


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