Charting a course in a new economy

By Kimberly Crowther, Class 22
Communications Director, DC Ranch Community Council

The last few years have left most of us feeling lost at sea when it comes to the economy, but calmer waters in recent months have given individuals, businesses, and the public sector a glimpse of renewed prosperity on the horizon.

On April 18, Scottsdale Leadership provided the community the opportunity to gather its bearings at the 8th Annual Scottsdale Leadership Community Forum at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center. The crew leading the discussion included facilitator Jason Rose of Rose+Moser+Allyn Public Relations; Sherman Jennings from The Boeing Company representing the corporate sector; Susie Timm, a banker-turned-entrepreneur and owner of Girl Meets Fork Marketing & Media; Gangplank founder and innovator Derek Neighbors; and Len Jessup, Ph.D., Dean of University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management.

In summary, these were the points on the panelists’ compasses for navigating change in a new economy and charting a course for prosperity:

Innovation. Focus on solutions rather than policy when looking to the future. And don’t be unsettled by chaos when looking for those creative solutions.

People. Gone are the days of top-down communication. Thanks to social media, everyone has a voice. Engage employees and the community in the conversation and really listen to their opinions. You never know what valuable insight they have unless you do.

Passion. Discover what you or your business is really good at and do it. Catering to the masses doesn’t always provide the best return on investment. Discover the niche markets that share your enthusiasm and who will appreciate what you can do for them.
Sustainability. Investigate opportunities for collaboration and create mutually advantageous partnerships. Strong relationships with others help to ensure long-lasting success.


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