Reflections of a Scottsdale Leadership Graduate

Arizona Leadership ProgramKiem Ho, Class 26
Director of Business Development & Innovation, Laundry Care, Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc.

The Class 26 Blog: This is a blog series about the experience and impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s core program. The program informs, inspires and empowers leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community.

Do you remember those end of the year High School days where you and your friends would get together reminiscing on their year prior to the summer and the next school year?  Perhaps you exchanged yearbooks where friends often write to one another with the best of intentions of staying connected ending with the hopeful invitation of keeping in touch (KIT):

Having you in my 5th period Biology class was a blast this year.  Mrs/Mr “substitute a High School teacher’s name here” was a drag so thanks for getting me through.  Hope to have you in a class next year and have a great summer… KIT.

Or perhaps it was after a graduation, where friends would write wistful phrases wishing all the best to classmates who would soon be embarking on the next stage of life experiences believing they could tackle the world:

Can’t believe we graduated!? Can’t believe 4 years went by so quickly.  It was a blast having you in classes this year and I’m so sad we are not going to the same “XYZ College”.  You will do great at “XYZ college” so I expect you to remember me when you are rich and famous and remember…to KIT!

At the risk of seeming potentially sappy, becoming a Scottsdale Leadership Class 26 graduate reminded me a little about my High School days.  Instead of a yearbook reflection, our Class 26 went through reflection exercises with music softly playing in the background.  “The Power of Reflection and Self-Awareness” exercise preceded “The Power of Intention: Your Personal Commitment” where we reflected on our nine months of discovery of the Scottsdale Community and ourselves.  At our graduation at Talking Stick, a fine event I might add, conversations would often meander into the topics of our desires to stay in touch and what we would do next after graduation.

What would WE do next?  Will one of us run for public office after the informative city and state government days?  Will one of us help provide leadership for one of the human services that are in such great need in our community?  Maybe someone will take on helping the many art-centric organizations that make up a vital part of Scottsdale.  Education day opened up my eyes about how we as a community can help our schools succeed if only we actively engage to help support.  I could go on and on about the merits of each class day but would be remiss if I were not to mention the Pay it Forward (PPIF) projects which were the capstone of our class involvement.  The PPIF projects demonstrated how each of us as leaders, informed, inspired, and empowered were able to champion and I believe strengthen the interests of the community through our specific projects that included music, gardens, dance, food and dreams.  Without even knowing the specifics about these projects one can imagine how these beautiful things could enhance our community.

Well, I am towards the end of my blog…500 word limit 🙂 Nevertheless, I didn’t really hold to that too well during the class year so I’ll close by referring back to those High School days in saying, I hope that our Scottsdale Class 26 and any past class for that matter has not only better intentions but better commitment than we did back in our High School years.  Knowing the caliber of the graduates I’ve been honored to get to know from mine and other classes, I believe we will stay engaged.  Scottsdale Leadership graduates have gone on and done amazing things and I would not expect anything less from my class and future ones as well.

The question is what will we do with this wealth of information?  I can’t wait to hear from others what they are doing or plan on doing and I almost forgot…  It was a blast having you all in class this year, have a great rest of your summer and please don’t forget to KIT…I mean it!


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One response to “Reflections of a Scottsdale Leadership Graduate

  1. You have totally captured the class spirit of Scottsdale Leadership, Kiem!
    The Pay It Forward Projects will impact the youth of our city for years and years to come! It is truly awe-inspiring!
    From our student community – a huge thank you to Scottsdale Leadership!!!
    Bonnie Sneed

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