Who are the future leaders of Scottsdale?

KinsellaBy Lois Kinsella, Class 28
Intel Corporation

Class 28 Blog: This is a blog series about the experience and impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s Core Program.  The views expressed here represent those of class members and not those of Scottsdale Leadership. 

Who are the future leaders of Scottsdale?  Most people would respond with names of individuals who are in government or public positions, or those who have been publicly recognized for their work.  However, if you ask anyone in Scottsdale Leadership you are likely to get a very different answer, and that answer is the reason I chose to pursue the Core Program.

When I was first approached about getting involved in Scottsdale Leadership, I was convinced that I was too busy, too involved in other things, and too focused on my family and job to take on anything else.  But I replied ‘Let me see if the idea sticks with me in a few weeks’.  I’ve not always trusted my inner voice, but when I have, good things happen.  A few weeks passed and this thought about leadership was still in the back of my mind; I was compelled to learn more.  I attended an informational evening, and after learning more about the program and visiting with alumni, I knew I wanted to be part of this influential group of people who are passionate about making a difference in our city, communities, and ourselves – I was hooked!

On September 6, Scottsdale Leadership Class XXVIII met Mayor Lane and representatives of the City, and now our journey begins.  A journey of 45 people who, although they still maintain their jobs, families and a multitude of other responsibilities, have chosen to spend nine months discovering what leadership really is, and what it takes to lead a city like Scottsdale.

Day 1 was centered on a discovery of our natural styles, getting to know our classmates, and understanding the origins of the organization.  Gary Shapiro, one of Scottsdale Leadership’s founders, challenged each of us to be present and teachable, for that is the first step in becoming a leader – being an active listener.  Our minds are eager to learn.

What will we learn; where will we go; what will we see?  Join us in this blog and see what discoveries you might find within yourself.  Expect something new every two weeks.

Now I would like to hear from you.  What leaders have made an impact on you? What was significant in what they did for you?  Do you have a personal quest to become a leader, and why is this important to you?



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22 responses to “Who are the future leaders of Scottsdale?

  1. Andrea Kranitz

    Congratulations on embarking on the Scottsdale Leadership journey and posting your first blog. My understanding of leadership changed as I went through Class 27 just last year. Many of the leaders that I now admire are those I met through the Core Program. Enjoy each and every moment of your experience. It’s all there for the taking.

    • Lois Kinsella

      @Andrea Thanks for being the first to reply! Great to hear about your experience with understanding what leadership is, and I agree with your comment about admiring those whom you’ve met through the Core Program. I know we have some amazing leaders already in Class 28 and I look forward to us learning from each other over the next 9 months!

  2. Lisa Randall

    Lois, Thank you so much for your thoughtful blog! You represent Class 28 well and I look forward to reading more! Fondly, Lisa Randall

  3. Very well done Lois. As a member of Class 28, I very much look forward to redefining what Leadership really means to me. How I can make a difference to others is a question all of us should ask ourselves. Stay tuned!

    • I second Rod’s thoughts. I’m eager to learn more about what makes a great leader, and how we can all apply these lessons to our personal and professional lives.

    • Lois Kinsella

      @Rodney. You already do so much for others, so I will be imterested to hear how you re-define what leadership means to you as we continue the journey. I ask myself ‘how’ every day and will definitely ‘stay tuned’!

  4. Well done Lois. You set a great example of our Class with the first blog post. I think we can agree that there are many people we consider leaders both past and present in this world including government officials, executives of corporations, non-profit professionals, humanitarians, philanthropists, and the list goes on. What I believe is that they all allow us the opportunity to reach for something more (just like when Gary asked us to stand up, raise our arms to the ceiling as high as we can go, and then stretch a little further). There is always room to grow and expand as a leader and I’m excited for the opportunity to take part in this shift with human kind.

  5. Myron Douglass

    Wow..Excellent write up Lois! I will be reading this blog on a daily basis. (Leadership is the backbone of society and without it we slow the process of growth for all.)

    • Lois Kinsella

      @ Myron I agree with your backbone comment, and I think strengthening that backbone is both an individual as well as a group effort. There are 44 links in the backbone of Class 28 – just imagine what we can do!

  6. Stacy Lloyd

    Lois – you set the bar high for the rest of us bloggers! I’m eager for the people and ideas we’ll be exposed to as the year unfolds. I’m mainly intrigued by “Positive Leadership’s” premise that leadership is not determined by rank or status but by social force. Let’s see if our time in Scottsdale Leadership proves this correct.

    • Lois Kinsella

      @Stacy. Ahh, thanks for the reply and I am sure you’ll raise that blogging bar much higher. I simply wrote what was in my heart.

  7. Lois-great post. To answer the question you pose…There are many people that come to mind when I think of great leaders. Many of whom I don’t know personally, but I certainly admire from afar. In my own professional life, a person comes to mind who has been a great mentor to me. I have always admired his style of leadership and as one of his employees, I have made personal note of the way he inspires myself and others to work hard and be our best.

    In reference to this leader, I notice how he continues to elevate his employees. He wants to see them do well, he knows how to reward, how to praise, how to train and how to grow people so they may reach their full potential. I had never asked myself, “what makes him a great leader?” After reading the introduction on Positive Leadership, I immediately applied the concepts. It made sense, this person is influencing others through his positive actions and this is evoking positive reactions in his team members. His positive actions are making his team extremely successful. It is always amazing to see something from a different perspective and when you can apply what you are learning to everyday experiences and interactions, it makes the journey that much more valuable. I too, am excited to learn more about what makes a great leader and pursuing my own quest to become one.

    • Lois Kinsella

      @Dara Wow, you are lucky to have such a great leader to work alongside. I wonder what formal training this person may have had to become the leader they are today?

  8. Mike Davis

    Lois, excellent post. I would say that the leaders who have made the most significant impact on me are leaders who have used their qualities to inspire me, and others, to action. I think when leadership is most effective, those in leadership position use their traits and talents to inspire. As well, I want to learn through the class not just about leadership, but applied leadership. What things will I do to be a better leader tomorrow based on what I learn today? I hope that we all will answer this question as we go through the course, and be inspired to take action.

    • Lois Kinsella

      @Mike. I agree, and I think that is where the ‘pay it forward’ project will be impactful – learn and apply, then repeat.

  9. Vicky Behne

    Lois a big thank you for pulling this blog together. A job well done and you are appreciated!

  10. Rebecca Knight

    To answer one of your questions, “What leaders have made an impact on you?” My first and authentic thought were those people whom I was most aligned with and respected the most. Leadership can be a very subjective description and as such is often a situational and personal experience. The degree to which I would choose to follow or support someone in a significant role either in a paid or volunteer role is because I believe in the vision they embody and the methods they employ to fulfill their vision.

    I’m looking forward through Scottsdale Leadership curriculum to be drawn to new leaders of which I find the alignment I seek and the passion I share to connect to a community stewardship or service gap.

    Cheers to the Class of 28!

    • Lois Kinsella

      @Rebecca. I couldn’t agree more, meaning I think we tend to align with and align ourselves to those who are like-minded, which could look different for each one of us. One of my favorite quotes goes something like ‘be careful what you set your sights on, for that you shall surely become.”

  11. Lois Kinsella

    Thanks to everyone who read my blog and took the time to reply either in the blog or in person! Your efforts will enhance our mutual experience and I sincerely hope you will continue to read and share with each other in this forum. Best regards, Lois

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