Arts Day Did Not Disappoint!

A. Diax-Mountford

By Alison Diaz-Mountford
State Farm Insurance

Arts Day did not disappoint!!!  We were introduced to a variety of artistic performances and exhibits and all learned about new ways to participate and support the arts in our community.  The objectives of the day were to:

  1. Gain knowledge and understanding of the diverse arts, culture, and resources Scottsdale has to offer
  2. Experience professional live performances
  3. Gain insight into how your involvement can contribute to the future of the arts in Scottsdale

Mission accomplished!   We began by getting some hands on experience by creating some art of our own that represented community.  The exercise really got the creative juices flowing!


The vocal performances by Marion, Shannon, and Tina (all alumni of Scottsdale Leadership) blew me away!  They were all wonderful and I was especially moved by Tina’s gospel solo.  So beautiful.  And, we all know Matt Healey can draw, but he shocked us all again when he revealed a surprise caricature of our very own Amir.

We were all invited to watch a performance from the cast of “In the Heights” that will be opening later this month.  It was really something to watch the actors transform on stage into the characters they play in the musical.


Listening to musicians play their instruments is such a wonderful way to experience art.  The performance by Ocotillo was wonderful and I know the crowd enjoyed hearing some familiar soundtracks.  I know it got me excited about the return of Game of Thrones!


We finished the day with a visit to SMOCA and discussing the business of the arts.  Who knew Scottsdale has so much to offer!



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