About Us

Scottsdale Leadership helps people focus on their ability to give back to the community. Scottsdale Leadership is an Arizona Leadership Program that teaches the ideal of Servant Leadership and Community Trusteeship which is the ability to hold a community in trust; leading with the desire to serve first and only then, to lead; seeing the big picture and acting upon it for the common good. 965 community-minded men and women have graduated Scottsdale Leadership’s core program. They serve in leadership roles for civic, business and philanthropic organizations in Scottsdale throughout the Valley and State of Arizona.

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Scottsdale Leadership is important because…

  • It provides an opportunity for leaders and emerging leaders to integrate themselves into the City of Scottsdale and the issues our community is facing, with the ultimate purpose of getting involved through community stewardship.
  • It creates an expanded awareness of the inter-connected aspects of Scottsdale. Scottsdale Leadership creates an environment to grow and learn that is engaging, relevant and fun. It brings the issues facing Scottsdale to the forefront of people’s minds.

The overall impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s core program reaches far beyond the 40+ participants in the program each year. The program re-engages our community members and invokes their desire to give back to their city as well as contribute to the overall vitality and quality of civic life for all who live in our community.

Scottsdale Leadership is

  • Helping individuals and businesses grow into leaders
  • Providing the knowledge, practical know-how and connections to get things done
  • Making a difference in the community
  • Teaching lessons that last a lifetime
  • Providing a rewarding personal experience while enhancing the Scottsdale community

Scottsdale Leadership is highly acclaimed at both the local and national levels. The Association of Leadership Programs recognized Scottsdale Leadership as one of the top five leadership programs in the country. Scottsdale Leadership has been inducted into the Scottsdale History Hall of Fame and was a 2003 Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce Sterling Award winner.


2 responses to “About Us

  1. Audrey Christiansen

    How do I get involved to help make decisions that can impact the city of Scottsdale besides the Scottsdale Leadership which costs $2200? Is there a way to attend without the costs of tuition? Please send me information. Thank you so very much!

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