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Principles of Civil Dialogue

By Jami Reagan
Principal, Shine Factory

Today, Scottsdale Leadership, Inc., a nonprofit community leadership organization serving Scottsdale and the surrounding community, announces the kick-off of a community-wide initiative to adopt Principles for Civil Dialogue.

In short, the Principles of Civil Dialogue state, “as a member of the Scottsdale community, I will genuinely listen; speak respectfully; and be accountable for my words and actions.”

The principles, originally discussed by Class 25, were adopted by the Scottsdale Leadership Board of Directors earlier this year with the goal of carrying the Principles into the community in order to positively impact public dialogue. Scottsdale Leadership is asking other community organizations and businesses to adopt or endorse the Principles for Civil Dialogue, and further announce publicly their support of this initiative.

“We believe a healthy community engages in robust public dialogue on important issues.  The best decisions require that many points of view be heard and considered.  A healthy and thriving community results from active public dialogue in which all community members feel safe expressing their views,” says Brian Bednar, board president, Scottsdale Leadership.

Pictured left to right: Brian Bednar, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, Cynthia Wenstrom

At the Nov. 1, 2011 city council meeting, Scottsdale Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane issued a proclamation in support of the Principles of Civic Dialogue.

“Scottsdale Leadership teaches us that anyone can make a difference, and to create change a grass root effort often works best. We envision a legacy that supports and enriches the future of our community through the Principles for Civil Dialogue,” states Cynthia Wenström, board member and civil dialogue chair, Scottsdale Leadership.

For more information call Chris Irish at 480-627-6716 or click here.


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Principles for Civil Dialogue

Cynthia Wenström, MBA/GM, Class XXV
Faculty, University of Phoenix

It was 8 months ago when Class 25 Day Chairs, Virginia Korte (Class 3) and Rob Millar (Class 17) introduced the topic of civil discourse. The impetus of the topic was an ‘unruly discussion’ between two Tucson-area politicians making headlines at that time.

The lively afternoon produced a first pass at the ‘Code of Civility’ and a team volunteered to move the project forward. The following day, January 8th, Senator Gabriel Giffords was shot and the need for civil discourse really rang close to home. The event seemed a clear signal to move forward with the initial class-day work effort.

Fast forward to May 2011 and the project resumed, put on hold due to the rigors of Class 25’s Pay It Forward projects and twice-monthly class days. The civility team now consists of several Class 25 and Class 24 alumni, as well as Chris Irish, Executive Director.

With diligent work, the original ‘Code’ was rewritten, removing references to ‘code’ or ‘oath’ and was condensed. More importantly, the team’s Principles for Civil Dialogue was unveiled to Scottsdale Leadership’s Board of Directors at the August 2011 Board meeting, passing unanimously for adoption by the organization. The Principles will appear on the website, the blog and in literature with the Mission Statement and other core values of the organization.

Principles for Civil Dialogue

As a member of the Scottsdale community, I will:
Genuinely listen, Speak respectfully and Be accountable for my words and actions.

‘Genuinely listen’ means I will listen for the purpose of understanding the speaker’s point of view, without prejudging whether that point of view is right or wrong.

‘Speak respectfully’ means I will voice my point of view calmly and respectfully without losing the passion of my position and commitment, discussing the issues without personal criticisms.

‘Being accountable’ means I accept responsibility for my words and actions.


Presenting the Principles for Civil Dialogue to other Scottsdale organizations is the next milestone, while growing the enthusiasm for the Principles organically. As energy continues to build on this initiative, the ultimate goal is presenting the Principles to the Scottsdale City Council for adoption.

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Scottsdale Leadership Class XXV Pays it Forward

PET Pantry

 Congratulations to P.E.T. Pantry by team Reigning Cats & Dogs

As part of their nine-month community leadership program, members of Scottsdale Leadership’s Class XXV formed six teams with the goal of developing a community service project that would provided them with hands-on experience giving back to the community. On April 15, the teams presented their projects during Project Pay It Forward Day at the Scottsdale Civic Center Library auditorium.

A panel of judges selected P.E.T. Pantry (Pets Eat Too) by team Reigning Cats & Dogs as the winning project. As a result Concerned Citizens for Community Health (CCCH) will receive a $2000 donation.

P.E.T. Pantry keeps pets with their owners during times of financial crisis through a collaborative effort between Vista del Camino Food Bank, Animal Guardian Network and Scottsdale Community College. This project embraces public awareness, direct donations and practicality for food banks.

For more information visit: http://scottsdalepetpantry.org/.

Team members: Ken Brooks, Ruth Ingall, Valarie Miceli, Scott Popp, Kelly Ries, Lisa Johnson Stone and Cynthia Wenstrom

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