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Diversity – More Than Meets the Eye

Kranitz, Andrea for BlogAndrea Kranitz, Class 27
Owner/Consultant, Integrative Business Solutions, LLC

The Class 27 Blog: This is a blog series about the experience and impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s core program. The program informs, inspires and empowers leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community. 

My expectation for Scottsdale Leadership Class XXVII’s Diversity and Inclusion day was that we would spend the day discussing race relations, discrimination and how to work toward equality.  When I saw the opening slide picturing an iceberg with adjectives above and below the “water line,” I immediately realized that this day would hold much more than expected.


Our Day Chairs were outstanding –  Marion Kelly, Community Relations Director at Mayo Clinic, Doreen Reinke, VP of Operations at Scottsdale Insurance Company and Linda Walton, Economic Development Specialist at City of Scottsdale Economic Development gave us their full energy and created an interactive and enlightening experience for the class.

To launch the day, we went over definitions of diversity and inclusion – learned that tolerance is not truly acceptance and that true inclusion means that ALL PEOPLE are

Treated fairly and respectfully,
Have equal access,
Contribute fully and
Maximize their potential.

Our first exercise involved profiling; typically we think of profiling as something that law enforcement officials do in order to get the bad guys off the streets.  However……we ALL do it and it is a natural and human tendency.  The differentiating factor between “good” and “bad” profiling is that it should be an appropriate discrimination, such as when safety is in question.

The exercise involved matching a list of professions with pictures of different people – not surprisingly, most of us only got about 2 out of 10 correct.  So, how do you keep yourself from unfairly profiling?  Think before acting – take a minute to go a little deeper and ask yourself why you feel uncomfortable with someone.  Determine whether it is a learned stereotype or irrational fear that is causing you to prejudge- “check yourself before you act.”

Because diversity is not a program or initiative, it has no beginning and no end.  It is an ongoing state of being where we live and accept that we have similarities and differences.  It isn’t about making us all the same or isolating ourselves because of our differences.

There are so many factors that affect how we react to others’ differences including our upbringing, fears, cultural conditioning, communication, assumptions and the list goes on. So, how do we continue to move toward a balance in our society where we don’t go overboard trying to be politically correct, but we do appreciate diversity, learn to treat others as THEY want to be treated and understand that everyone has something to offer?

We must create an environment where it is okay for someone to share that they are offended, and for others to listen and become more sensitive to the consequences of their actions.  In other words, we must engage in Civil Dialogue!

What can you do in your own sphere of influence, to create this kind of environment?


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Trust and Inclusion

Braden Love
Director IT Business Consulting, Scottsdale Insurance Company

The Class 26 Blog: This is a blog series about the experience and impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s core program. The program informs, inspires and empowers leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community.

Inclusion day has to be one of the most personal and engaging classes we’ve had during Class 26.  The topics reached everyone in the class, the dialog was free flowing and the class expressed an amazing amount of trust and respect for each other as we spoke frankly about our beliefs and ourselves.

Thank you, Marion Kelly, Class 17 and Doreen Reinke, Class 17 for designing, hosting and delivering such a compelling course.  They started the day by framing a mindset of inclusion.  Inclusion is an action you take to respect and make positive outcomes of diversity.  We all learned that everyone profiles in some way during the profiling exercise.  Sometimes that is OK, sometimes it is not.  We also learned about the diversity in our class.  I listened to my classmates share who they are.  From a too-white Hispanic to an agnostic Jew some of my subconscious preconceptions of those neat little society-defined categories were broken down.  Diversity showed it is a continuum of nuances created by our culture, our experiences and our beliefs – not a discrete set of check boxes on the census form.

It was a special treat to have Terri Trent facilitate a lesson on inclusive leadership.  She helped us focus on our emotional intellect or EQ.  Leaders who are self and socially aware, that can use that insight to manage themselves and associate well with others tend to be more successful.  Perhaps Mike Miller said it more plainly; ‘leadership = influence’.  Applying your emotional intellect will affect your influence.  The iceberg analogy  also came up and was used a couple times during the day to illustrate what defines us and our most influential characteristics are those that are unseen and under the waterline.

After lunch we learned about the great work our sponsor of the day does with the Community Celebrating Diversity organization.  Thank you for sponsoring and thank you for contributing to our community in such a positive way.

Next Jeff Jameson helped us all gain perspective as we circled around the random representative ‘minority’ class members.  Being one of the minorities in the middle of the room surrounded by the majority both staring at and ignoring me, I felt it.  And it did not feel comfortable.  How did it feel to be in the ‘majority’?  Did you get see it any differently on the outside looking in?

The late afternoon sessions were an outright hit with the class.  We did not want them to end.  I’ve never felt the class so engaged before.  We each stood up in front of the class and expressed what diversity we embodied – handsome glasses wearers, east town dwellers, married, not married, young, and other personal identities.  I felt closer to my class and more enlightened by the time we reluctantly ended the exercise.

Then we explored some of the darker side of diversity in the ‘hate, fear and profiling’ exercise.  We looked at headlines and discussed current and past events that are best described more exclusive than inclusive.  I was especially struck by Don Logan’s story about being letter bombed.  I think it was the statement that we were watching a video of his presentation because we wanted to leave him alone right now amid the tensions around the Zimmerman/Martin shooting that made it all feel very real, here and now to me.

This blog does not do justice to the lessons we learned that day.  But I wanted to be sure to share with everyone a flavor for the day and appreciation for the day chairs, sponsors and speakers.  I leave you with a summary of the lessons I learned.

  • Diversity is a noun.  It is important that we use nouns to recognize and describe. Inclusion is a verb.  It is taking action with diversity and progressing.
  • Leadership equals influence; anybody can be a leader in any organization.  Being aware of yourself and others then using that awareness to guide your behaviors and respectfully interact with others can further your influence.
  • Diversity and inclusion creates tension.  We aspire to be inclusive yet, at the same time strive to maintain a unique identity of a culture or group.  It can be a Catch 22.  It is not simple.
  • The problem is here, now and you may contribute to the problem or the solution.  Evidence abounds in letter bombings and profiling stories.  We shared how we felt an “out rage of affiliation” with how some of our leaders address diversity.  We recognized a trend of erosion of respect in politics and society.  We thought there must be a “silence of people with good will”.
  • The leader’s responsibility to the solution is to cast a shadow and cascade an inclusive perspective.  Use those teachable moments with other people to let them know some behaviors are not OK. Walk the talk.  Light a candle as an individual to create a more inclusive society.

What does inclusion mean to you?

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Scottsdale Leadership announces 2011-12 Board of Directors

Contact: Rachel Brockway, Marketing and Resource Development Manager
(480) 627-6710  rbrockway@scottsdaleleadership.org

Board President Brian Bednar

Scottsdale Leadership, a nonprofit community leadership development program has elected its 2011-12 board of directors.

Scottsdale Leadership’s mission is to inform, inspire and empower leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community.

The 2011-12 board members include the following Scottsdale Leadership alumni:

• President, Brian Bednar, Salt River Project
• Past-President, Doreen Reinke, Scottsdale Insurance Company
• President-Elect, Patti Counce, Chicago Title Insurance Co.
• Treasurer, Carol Damaso, Scottsdale Public Library
• Secretary, Suzanne Walden-Wells, DC Ranch Community Council

Board of Directors:
• Zack Barna, boompromo
• Jane Blacker, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty
• Marc Blonstein, Berens, Kozub, Kloberdanz & Blonstein
• Kimberly Crowther Miller, DC Ranch Community Council
• Patti Goodrich, Choice Hotels International
• Karolyn Kiburz, Meetings & Concierges Source
• Stefanie Lerner, Encore Creative Décor and Entertainment
• Mike Merucci, Foundation for Burns & Trauma
• David Nelson, Scottsdale Insurance Company
• Suzanne Paetzer, TriAra Consulting
• Scott Palmer, Salt River Materials Group
• Kevin Patrick, Charles Schwab
• Jennifer Rueb, Hotel Valley Ho
• Mike Seiden, retired president Western International University
• Jami Thompson, Shine Factory
• Susie Timm, SCM Timm Enterprises
• Cynthia Wenstrom, Realty Executives

Board president Brian Bednar is Senior Account Manager for SRP and a graduate of Scottsdale Leadership Class 20.  Bednar has developed leadership roles by participating in and promoting active volunteerism with the Fiesta Bowl committee for over 15 years. He has been supporting the communities’ youth through the Big Brothers/Sisters program for the past 25 years. Bednar is also an active member of the alumni team for his fraternity, Kappa Sigma, at ASU, that helps mentor and teach 60+ young men at the chapter about leadership.  His most recent awards include the SRP President’s Volunteer Spirit Award for Community Service and the Karl F. Abel Volunteer Recognition Award. Bednar shares Scottsdale Leadership’s core values and is looking forward to a dynamic year, positively impacting the civic, philanthropic, business and cultural climate of our community.

For more information about Scottsdale Leadership, call (480) 627-6710 or visit www.scottsdaleleadership.org.

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Airing the laundry with Class 25…

Doreen Reinke, Class 17 Member, President of Board Scottsdale Leadership
Vice President, Operations, Scottsdale Insurance Company

I had the pleasure of “airing the laundry” with Class 25 and getting to know our new class members last Friday at their orientation day and evening reception. What a great class to represent Scottsdale Leadership’s 25th anniversary year.

Each class member gave a 90 second commercial and shared their personal stories. Early on in the commercials it was apparent this is a class with a lot of originality, diversity and international experiences.

One creative class member decided to “air his laundry” and share his story presenting a laundry basket full of shirts representing the important people and events of his life. As I listened to each commercial I took away so much about our class members both individually and collectively.

Let me introduce to you Scottsdale Leadership’s Class 25.  They are:

A soccer mom
A marathon runner
A guitar player
A singer
A reality show addict
A Disneyland junkie
Four Attorneys
A professional tennis coach
And a spouse who lost a bet and married his wife

We have class members who were born and raised in Paris, Australia and Germany. We have other class members who traveled and or worked throughout the world bringing to us a global perspective of community leadership.

Collectively, Class 25 has 53 children and 40 dogs!

They share passions around education, healing and helping others, innovation, diversity, family, friends and their community.

The local leader they would most like to meet is Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane who they all met on September 3 at their Welcome Reception at the Hotel Valley Ho.

They are husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, good friends and Scottsdale Leadership’s Class 25.

I encourage you to take the time to get to know Class 25 on your own throughout the core program.

Let’s all welcome and congratulate Class 25.


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Scottsdale Leadership celebrates milestone and announces Class XXV

Contact: Rachel Brockway
(480) 627-6710

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Scottsdale Leadership, Inc., a nonprofit community leadership organization serving Scottsdale and the surrounding community, is pleased to announce the newest class members for its 25th anniversary year. This year, 43 participants were selected for Class 25 and represent a varied cross-section of the community in terms of professional and cultural backgrounds.

“This is a special group because they represent the 25th class our organization has hosted in its leadership core program,” said Doreen Reinke, Scottsdale Leadership president and graduate of Class 17.

The nine-month program begins Sept. 3 and features curriculum that includes economic development, community stewardship, education, health care and public safety. The program enhances the success of community leaders by providing a knowledge base and support network from which members can contribute to their communities through awareness, involvement and trusteeship.

“Class 25 will follow in the footsteps of more than 800 Scottsdale Leadership alumni who have gone on to make significant contributions in Scottsdale and our state,” said Reinke. “We look forward to a rewarding and transformative future with these individuals as we celebrate our past.”

Scottsdale Leadership will commemorate its 25th anniversary throughout the year including a celebratory event in the spring.

Scottsdale Leadership Class 25 members are:

Korey Boals, Aviles & Alan;
Ken Brooks, Valley of the Sun United Way;
Gregory Cohen, Law Offices of Gregory Cohen;
Stephanie Connelly, Scottsdale Insurance Company;
Robert DeLeon, Scottsdale Fire Department;
Paul Dwight, Scottsdale Insurance Company;
Diane Fitzgerald-Verbonitz, Arizona Psychological Association;
John Froelich, FocalPoint Coaching;
Jim Grosso, YMCA Scottsdale/PV Branch;
Greg Hand, SRP;
Cynthia Hill, POSA Outreach Foundation;
Ruth Ingall, Mayo Clinic;
Lisa Johnson Stone, Law Offices of Stone & Davis;
Anne Jones, Workshops for Youth & Families;
Jeffrey Klefstad, SRP;
Denise Lewandowski, APS;
Kristina Luoma-Dyrr, Cactus Flower Florists;
Janice Marvin, HOTWIRE Development;
Magaly Masci, Masci-Vargas Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors;
Kathie May, faculty emeritus w/ Maricopa Community Colleges;
Valarie Miceli, Hilton Hotels – Embassy Suite Phx. Biltmore;
Jessica Moreau, Est Est;
Peg Mulloy, Republic Services;
Yvonne Murphy, Scottsdale Public Library;
Karen Nowak, Navigator Management Partners;
Ryan O’Daniel, Kyle Moyer & Company;
Pele Peacock, Alvarez & Gilbert;
Scott Popp, Scottsdale Police Department;
Kelly Ries, SRP;
Michael Ritter, City of Scottsdale;
John Schloz, Home Smart Real Estate;
Kerri Shearer, Ventana Fine Properties;
Dana Sherman, Scottsdale Prevention Institute;
Kristi Small, Republic Services;
Kristi Staab, Kristi Staab Enterprises;
John Thomas, Desert Pacific Commercial Real Estate;
Kelly Tope, Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau;
Drew Vallorano, SRP;
Francesca Watkins, Scottsdale Community College;
Cynthia Wenstrom, Realty Executives;
Travis Yarlagadda, Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc.;
Katherine Yu, Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc.;
Jessica Zambo, Empire West Title Agency

# # #
Scottsdale Leadership is proud to celebrate 25 years of serving the community through its leadership development and alumni programs. Scottsdale Leadership prepares citizens to take on leadership roles in an ever-changing world.  To date more than 800 graduates have been empowered to lead youth, civic, and philanthropic organizations in Scottsdale and throughout Arizona.

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A Panel Discussion on Resources for Small Business Owners

City of Scottsdale Economic Vitality Specialist

The City of Scottsdale Economic Vitality Division and the Scottsdale Public Library in partnership with the Maricopa Community Colleges Small Business Development Centers is sponsoring a panel discussion on resources for small business owners. The panel represents a broad spectrum of organizations devoted to entrepreneurs and small business who will talk about who they are, why they have targeted the Arizona entrepreneur and what products and services they have to offer.

Doreen Reinke, Scottsdale Leadership Class 17 and President of the Board will be on the panel. Other panel members include representatives from Maricopa Community Colleges Small Business Development Center; Scottsdale Public Library; SCORE; the APS Academy for the Advancement of Small, Minority- and Women-Owned Enterprises; and the Small Business Association.

Date: June 9; 5 – 7 p.m.
Location: Mustang LibraryNo pre-registration required

For more information please contact:
Ilene Ringler, Maricopa County SBDC at Ilene.ringler@maricopa.edu or
Rachel Busch, City of Scottsdale Economic Vitality at rbusch@scottsdaleaz.gov or 480-312-7321

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