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Look out – Class 29 is Leaving a Legacy!


By Audrey Menard
Rancho Solano Preparatory School

Class 29 Blog: This is a blog series about the experience and impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s Core Program. The views expressed here represent those of class members and not those of Scottsdale Leadership.

Our last day of class began with all of us feeling a tug in our heart.  Class 29 has really grown together over the last nine months.  It was a bitter-sweet day for us all.

We began by reviewing the Positive Leadership curriculum.  Through a leadership journey that takes us through the components of authenticity, purpose, advocacy, resilience, community building, reason and gratitude, we are equipped with the qualities needed to make a difference in our Scottsdale community.  For further development, the book, Thanks:  How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier by Robert Emmons, was highly recommended.

From there we closed our eyes and reflected on the past nine months.  We thought about our Leadership Compass point, our purpose statements, the core curriculum, and the great impact that Scottsdale Leadership had on our lives.  We journaled and we shared.  The room was full of gratitude.  There was clearly a commitment to continue our shared passion for our community and find the best way for each of us to plug into Scottsdale. Kim Hanna, Class 27, shared numerous opportunities to connect just within Scottsdale Leadership.  What mattered most to us all?  What mattered for us was finding some place where we can serve and commit.

IMG_1589We interacted with a wonderful panel that shared best practices regarding participating on a non-profit board. That was very eye-opening, even for those of us that have served on boards. Eileen Rogers, Class 2, suggested subscribing to BoardSource which is full of professional materials for board edification and best practices.  She shared the four basic duties of obedience:  the duty of care; the duty of financial oversight; the duty of loyalty; and the duty of transparency.  After Class 29 had the opportunity to ask questions, the discussion topics became very broad.  We could have spent the whole day on board engagement alone.

IMG_6995Our attention, then, turned to the riveting story of JP Holyoak, Class 18, and his rise to having a medical marijuana empire here in the Valley.  Marijuana has made a significant difference in his daughter’s health and wellbeing.  However, his message was really about the fact that being a leader can be difficult.  When you are blazing a new path, you can get all kids of attacks and people attempting to thwart your every effort.  Leaders keep going.

After a lot of inspiration and development of our own personal commitment and intention, it was time for the infamous talking stick circle.  As the tissue box followed the talking stick around the circle, we shared tremendous memories, heartfelt thanks, admiration, commitment to remaining connected, and appreciation for Emily, Margaret, and Scottsdale Leadership.  This program as left an indelible stamp on all of our hearts and we are all better people because of this leadership program.  Look out! We will live up to our class name:  Class 29 – Leaving a Legacy!IMG_6980





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How do you find your leadership passion?

Arizona LeadershipBy Kim Hanna, Class 27
Economic Vitality, City of Scottsdale

The Class 27 Blog: This is a blog series about the experience and impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s core program. The program informs, inspires and empowers leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community. Scottsdale Leadership is an Arizona Leadership Program.

Did you ever do something out of obligation?  Or for a paycheck?  Or only because someone asked you to?  But…your heart really wasn’t in it?  If your answer is “yes”, as mine was, I bet you were not as effective as you would have been if your heart and soul were “all in!”

Through the Scottsdale Leadership journey, I’ve been exposed to a lot of community issues and needs.  The wide ranges of well-deserving people and causes have actually begun to overwhelm me…Until Leadership Academy day!

The panel discussion moderated by Ted Taylor, Family Promise, changed everything for me.  Ted led our class through a discussion that focused on finding a cause that we believe in—he asked us, “What cause is of meaning to you?”

Then Pam Gaber, Gabriel’s Angels, reminded us of the saying, “When you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.”  Now it’s time to queue the music of one of my favorite songs by Jason Mraz, Everything is Sound, which includes a line “…you don’t need a vacation when there’s nothing to escape from…”  Now, that’s pure wisdom in my book!

But wait…there’s more from Pam.  The next thing she said was something magical.  She said finding your passion depends on who you are on the inside.  When you hear about “it”—there’s a fire in your belly.  When you read about “it” and for 15 minutes the world stopped…you know you’ve found your passion.


BryceHikeLeadershipPassion (1)

I know I am passionate about camping, hiking and cooking!  So much so, that I started a blog about “it” www.CampingForFoodies.com.  But—how do I turn my personal passion into a leadership passion which will benefit the community?  Just like Pam did with Gabriel’s Angels!  Pam loved her animals so much that she was willing to share them with others to improve their lives.  The Gabriel’s Angels mission: To deliver healing pet therapy to at-risk children, nurturing their emotional development and enhancing the quality of their lives forever.

What I realized is the power of taking your passion and sharing it with others in unique and creative ways is far more effective and meaningful than just assisting with a demonstrated need with which you have no personal or emotional attachment.  With my passion I can teach kids how to appreciate nature, eat healthily, exercise in fun ways respecting and learning about the environment, budget for trips, build confidence cooking delicious meals, learn photography and appreciate the art form.  And…so…much…more!

Many of us are blessed with an abundance of time, talent and treasure.  Fewer of us are willing to share our gifts with others.  The best return on God’s investment in us happens when we give our gifts away.  You will increase your enjoyment of your passion by experiencing others experiencing your passion.  So, don’t be afraid to let go because, just like a boomerang, your passion will come flying back to you.

Share this if you are jazzed about sharing your passion!

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Can You Still See The Box?

Arizona LeadershipBy Kim Hanna, Class 27
Economic Vitality, City of Scottsdale

The Class 27 Blog: This is a blog series about the experience and impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s core program. The program informs, inspires and empowers leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community. Scottsdale Leadership is an Arizona Leadership Program.

The only box I see is the one the cupcakes were delivered in.

It seems like weekly I hear the phrase to be creative and “think outside the box”. Last week at Scottsdale Leadership orientation day we were told to “get outside the box.” I thought—OK, I can do that.  But, then it was followed up with, “…and if you can still SEE the box you’re still way too close to the box!” That was my first AH-HA moment!

During the day, one of the speakers, Ian Percy, shared his view on leadership.  He asked us if we were sucking energy or adding energy in situations and said in life there are infinite possibilities—focus on those, don’t focus on the problems. Problem solvers are maintenance people but leaders create a world that no one else sees.  He said they see things other people can’t see. About that time it was all I could do to contain myself.  At first I thought the word choice was funny.  Then I thought a little bit more and suddenly got inspired.

I thought…can you even imagine having to get up and turn the channel with a knob on a TV?  Talking on a phone that has to be hooked in to a wall?  Having to light a candle to see in the dark?  Looking back, those practices were normal and accepted. Then I thought…can you even imagine what it was like to be the person who was thinking so far outside the box that they imagined a TV remote, cordless phone and electricity?

Suddenly, my mind became flooded with possibilities.  If it is true that you only use 5 percent of your brain to make conscious decisions, what the heck are we doing with the other 95 percent?  Is the subconscious really the best place for that 95percent–I think not!

Then the big question: “What’s inside of you that hasn’t seen the light of day yet?”

My answer: “Ouch!  What am I waiting for?”

I continued to ponder over the next few days.  I reflected on a diversity training course I experienced a few years earlier.  At the end of the multi-day class, the instructors gave all of the class participants candy suckers—all of them were green.  I immediately thought to myself…yuk…I hate lime.  Much to my surprise, the green sucker was not lime; instead it was one of my favorite flavors…watermelon.  OH MY!  Didn’t anything sink in during the last couple of days?  That exercise demonstrated I still had preconceived notions.  Hopefully, I have grown over the past few years.  Let’s see what today brings with my new adventure with Scottsdale Leadership.

Our orientation day was sponsored by and hosted at Scottsdale Community College where we were able to tour various programs, including the culinary program and yes, Cupcakes were included.   

Share this if the only box you see is the one the cupcakes were delivered in.

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