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Jeff Klefstad – Class XXV Continues to Look Ahead!

Jeff Klefstad, Class 25
Sr. Key Account Manager, SRP

Community Involvement:
SRP Employee Boosters Association Coordinator and Contributor
Society of St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Adopt-a-Family Volunteer
Scottsdale Culinary Festival Volunteer
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer
Andre House Volunteer
Junior Achievement of Arizona Volunteer

As a Scottsdale resident for over 25 years and counting, I thought I knew my beloved city. The more I learned, compliments of Scottsdale Leadership, the more I realized just how little I knew. The on-site experiences, classroom presenters, new friends and the Pay it Forward projects was a valuable learning gift to all of us. We grew, learned and became better leaders.

There were so many great opportunities available for the “Silver Bullets” of Class XXV, yet one that quickly comes to mind was actually not a class day but an alumni event, “Restaurant Week”. This was an evening event for all current classmates and past Scottsdale Leadership graduates to gather and keep abreast of a current topic. In addition to meeting the Honorable Jim Lane, Mayor of Scottsdale and his wife Joanne, we also were treated to a inspiring presentation by Kimber Lanning of Local First Arizona. Kimber encouraged us to spend our dollars with a locally owned business rather than a national business, whenever possible. I could not have agreed with her more.

I’d like to share some advice to those fortunate enough to be chosen for the upcoming Class XXVI program. Please meet, participate and as equally important, “listen” to each of your classmates at each class/event/project meeting. Sit with a different group of classmates you have not spent time with so you equally have the opportunity to get to know each other. You will develop great friendships with many of your classmates so maximize this opportunity for yourself and others. Extend your hand to everyone and appreciate the possibility of long term friendships as you take pride in your class!


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Shift your spending to support Arizona businesses

By Chris Irish
Scottsdale Leadership Executive Director

If you’ve never met Kimber Lanning, you should.  She’s a small woman in her mid-thirties with lots of passion.  At a recent Scottsdale Leadership alumni event and in several articles in the Arizona Republic, Lanning talked about her grass-roots organization, Local First Arizona.

Did you know that out of every 1 dollar you spend in a nationally owned business only 13 cents stays in Arizona?  Or, that if you spent that same dollar in a locally owned business 45 cents would stay in our state.  That is a 288% increase, huge in these tough economic times.

Small businesses are the backbone of Arizona’s economy.  And while I think most of us agree that we’d like to support locally owned businesses, it isn’t always part of our spending thought-process.

Kimber Lanning and Local First Arizona are working to change that thought-process, one person at a time.  Their latest campaign, Shift Arizona, encourages consumers to shift 10% of their spending from nationally to locally owned businesses.  A study in Michigan found that if 600,000 people shifted just 10% of their spending to locally-owned business, it would generate $130 million dollars into the local economy!

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, it’s a great time to take this challenge to heart. I’m willing to shift, are you?

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