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A Bird’s Eye View of Water and Power

KinsellaBy Lois Kinsella, Class 28
Intel Corporation

Class 28 Blog: This is a blog series about the experience and impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s Core Program. The views expressed here represent those of class members and not those of Scottsdale Leadership.

Scottsdale Leadership’s Core Program provides its students with a bird’s eye view of the City of Scottsdale: its people, its culture and history, and the intricate infrastructure required to support it.  A lucky few recently had a different bird’s eye view – from the windows of a Bell 212 helicopter, compliments of Salt River Project (SRP).  Along with an impressive sight-seeing excursion, it was also an amazing lesson in the waterways and power sources which SRP manages across the state.


Hydro, coal, methane, natural gas, desalination, surface water, drought-planning… SRP has been a leading company in the valley for decades, dating back to the reclamation act in the early 1900s for the privately-owned water division of the company, and the ‘20s for the publicly-owned power division which serves over 950K+ customers.  Legend tells that Arizona’s waterways were first designed by early native tribes, then later re-built and improved upon using ideas from people such as C.C. Cragin who came to town with a visionary design for water flow; a great challenge for a state with very low annual rainfall.  At the time he was run out of town for radical ideas which may have been simply ahead of their time, however C.C. Cragin’s has since been described and recognized as a utility artist.


Our sincere thanks to our new SRP friends Mark Campbell, Jason Dudley, and our pilot John, for an impressive day – check-mark on the bucket list for taking a helicopter ride!

A few knowledge nuggets from the day:

  • If you flipped on the switch to a natural gas plant, it could be producing power in under 15 minutes.  Roughly the same time it takes to heat up my bbq to cook dinner!
  • Palo Verde Nuclear is the largest nuclear plant in the USA, and the only one which uses reclaimed water in its operations.  A great example of how water and power working together can reduce our carbon footprint.
  • There is no such thing as ‘new’ water; water is continuously recycled, cleaned using ground filtration and treatment methods, then re-used.  An insightful way to think about water…

AS SRP continues to plan ahead 20-30 years for our water needs, and 10 years ahead for our power usage, think about what you could do to make a difference TODAY!  What are your ideas?

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Who are the future leaders of Scottsdale?

KinsellaBy Lois Kinsella, Class 28
Intel Corporation

Class 28 Blog: This is a blog series about the experience and impact of Scottsdale Leadership’s Core Program.  The views expressed here represent those of class members and not those of Scottsdale Leadership. 

Who are the future leaders of Scottsdale?  Most people would respond with names of individuals who are in government or public positions, or those who have been publicly recognized for their work.  However, if you ask anyone in Scottsdale Leadership you are likely to get a very different answer, and that answer is the reason I chose to pursue the Core Program.

When I was first approached about getting involved in Scottsdale Leadership, I was convinced that I was too busy, too involved in other things, and too focused on my family and job to take on anything else.  But I replied ‘Let me see if the idea sticks with me in a few weeks’.  I’ve not always trusted my inner voice, but when I have, good things happen.  A few weeks passed and this thought about leadership was still in the back of my mind; I was compelled to learn more.  I attended an informational evening, and after learning more about the program and visiting with alumni, I knew I wanted to be part of this influential group of people who are passionate about making a difference in our city, communities, and ourselves – I was hooked!

On September 6, Scottsdale Leadership Class XXVIII met Mayor Lane and representatives of the City, and now our journey begins.  A journey of 45 people who, although they still maintain their jobs, families and a multitude of other responsibilities, have chosen to spend nine months discovering what leadership really is, and what it takes to lead a city like Scottsdale.

Day 1 was centered on a discovery of our natural styles, getting to know our classmates, and understanding the origins of the organization.  Gary Shapiro, one of Scottsdale Leadership’s founders, challenged each of us to be present and teachable, for that is the first step in becoming a leader – being an active listener.  Our minds are eager to learn.

What will we learn; where will we go; what will we see?  Join us in this blog and see what discoveries you might find within yourself.  Expect something new every two weeks.

Now I would like to hear from you.  What leaders have made an impact on you? What was significant in what they did for you?  Do you have a personal quest to become a leader, and why is this important to you?


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