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Airing the laundry with Class 25…

Doreen Reinke, Class 17 Member, President of Board Scottsdale Leadership
Vice President, Operations, Scottsdale Insurance Company

I had the pleasure of “airing the laundry” with Class 25 and getting to know our new class members last Friday at their orientation day and evening reception. What a great class to represent Scottsdale Leadership’s 25th anniversary year.

Each class member gave a 90 second commercial and shared their personal stories. Early on in the commercials it was apparent this is a class with a lot of originality, diversity and international experiences.

One creative class member decided to “air his laundry” and share his story presenting a laundry basket full of shirts representing the important people and events of his life. As I listened to each commercial I took away so much about our class members both individually and collectively.

Let me introduce to you Scottsdale Leadership’s Class 25.  They are:

A soccer mom
A marathon runner
A guitar player
A singer
A reality show addict
A Disneyland junkie
Four Attorneys
A professional tennis coach
And a spouse who lost a bet and married his wife

We have class members who were born and raised in Paris, Australia and Germany. We have other class members who traveled and or worked throughout the world bringing to us a global perspective of community leadership.

Collectively, Class 25 has 53 children and 40 dogs!

They share passions around education, healing and helping others, innovation, diversity, family, friends and their community.

The local leader they would most like to meet is Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane who they all met on September 3 at their Welcome Reception at the Hotel Valley Ho.

They are husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, good friends and Scottsdale Leadership’s Class 25.

I encourage you to take the time to get to know Class 25 on your own throughout the core program.

Let’s all welcome and congratulate Class 25.


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