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Can you agree to disagree, while still being agreeable?

Scottsdale Leadership Marketing & Resource Development Manager

Last weekend’s newspaper article by Stephen Covey caught my eye. It was titled 7 highly effective ways to help Americans get along. You’ve probably heard of Stephen Covey, but did you know that he is America’s top leadership expert? The article discusses the 7 ways to come together as a community. As we go about our daily lives we sometimes forget the small things that make us effective leaders. To make a difference in our community and set a good example for future generations we need to stop and reflect on what actually makes people come together.

The article discusses seven ideas, but my take away from this article is to try something new. We all must broaden our horizons and continue to grow and learn. If we never try anything new, how are we able to know that anything else exists? Covey states: “if you don’t do something that you’ve never done before your worldview will be too limited to inspire real change.”

To read the full article by Stephen Covey click here.

After the article Covey includes a self quiz to see how good you are at getting along,

I scored a 45, can you beat my score?


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