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City Government Exposed!

2009 Scottsdale Leadership Class Reporter

The Scottsdale Leadership Experience
This is the 11th of a 17 article series recapping Scottsdale Leadership’s nine-month Core Program. The program educates, connects and empowers citizens who are interested in community leadership.

Class 24 embarked on another fact-filled, emotion-tickling day on February 5, 2010. City Government Day was hosted by Councilman Ron McCullagh, Class 18. He shared how the mayor and city council’s role is to approve the budget and set public policy for Scottsdale. Volunteerism plays an immense role with over 200 people in Scottsdale serving on City Boards, Commissions and committees.

Coffee with Mayor W. J. “Jim” Lane served as an espresso boosted view of how the City of Scottsdale is led. His philosophy is a business approach to City Hall and a citizen-driven government promoting efficiency, transparency and accountability.

To read the rest of Suzanne’s blog click here.

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Effective Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (EI) Part 2

Scottsdale Leadership Class XIX

This is the second of a multi-article series discussing the relationship of leadership and emotional intelligence.

He who knows others is learned. He who knows himself is wise.”
Lao Tse

Leaders need to know what makes everyone tick, starting with themselves. Many leaders do not often recognize, or take into consideration, the impact their behavior has on the very people they rely on for their success. Leaders must not only hold their employees fully accountable for “what” they do, they must hold those employees accountable for “how” they perform their work.  To do this, leaders must first be ready to take a straightforward look at themselves to make sure their behaviors are in line with their organization’s stated values, and that their leadership practices are supported by strong emotional intelligence competencies (self-awareness, social awareness, self-management & relationship management). This is essential if the leader is willing to build strong, long-lasting relationships and effective leadership.

Dealing with emotionally precarious situations in the workplace can become complicated, and leaders sometimes side step issues they should confront. When these difficult situations are compounded with inadequate communication skills, the end result can become extremely volatile.  The lack of ability to control emotions and display effective communication skills can lead to unsettled conflicts, low morale and diminished productivity. Effective management of employee frustration, anger and upset is critical to employee commitment, motivation and productivity, as well as to an organization’s overall health and profitability. The need exists to help leaders learn to use their emotions in a productive manner and, if necessary, to develop the needed skills for relating well with others.

The benefits of understanding how emotional intelligence competencies contribute to fostering strong leadership qualities for individuals and organizations has far reaching implications. “According to research conducted by Wilson Learning Corporation in Eden Prairie, MN, not only is there a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and job performance, but the biggest contributor to employee satisfaction — and thus productivity — is leadership” (Caudron, 1996, ¶ 3). Organizations can be instrumental in supporting this effort by identifying cultural and leadership principles that promote leadership supported by emotional intelligence.


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Can you agree to disagree, while still being agreeable?

Scottsdale Leadership Marketing & Resource Development Manager

Last weekend’s newspaper article by Stephen Covey caught my eye. It was titled 7 highly effective ways to help Americans get along. You’ve probably heard of Stephen Covey, but did you know that he is America’s top leadership expert? The article discusses the 7 ways to come together as a community. As we go about our daily lives we sometimes forget the small things that make us effective leaders. To make a difference in our community and set a good example for future generations we need to stop and reflect on what actually makes people come together.

The article discusses seven ideas, but my take away from this article is to try something new. We all must broaden our horizons and continue to grow and learn. If we never try anything new, how are we able to know that anything else exists? Covey states: “if you don’t do something that you’ve never done before your worldview will be too limited to inspire real change.”

To read the full article by Stephen Covey click here.

After the article Covey includes a self quiz to see how good you are at getting along,

I scored a 45, can you beat my score?


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Impact of Scottsdale Leadership

Scottsdale Leadership Class 24

I am a member of Scottsdale Leadership Class 24, so a “newbie” to the experience of being a part of this organization. Being in the nine-month Core Program has already made a difference to me. Even receiving my acceptance letter made an impact. All of the people who agree to participate in Scottsdale Leadership, in my opinion, make a promise to become a leader in our communities, be it on a large or small scale. Scottsdale Leadership’s founders and alumni, which include mayors, city managers, large business owners, Chief of Police, etc, have chosen me, through the selection committee as their proxy, to be one to make a difference. In fact, I believe that all the citizens of Scottsdale, in effect, trust the Scottsdale Leadership selection committee to help develop some of their future leaders. That being said, I take my commitment very seriously.

My acceptance into the Core Program gave me more faith in myself.  It made me realize there has been something inside that wanted me to make a difference, but didn’t know how to start. I turned to Scottsdale Leadership for guidance and teaching. I want to make a tangible difference in the world, even if it is on a local scale, something clearly shown where I made an impact and improved the lives of other people in a meaningful way. One place I started was with my own businesses. Scottsdale Leadership gave me the confidence to hire my first employee. I felt that in this economy, I would love to give someone a job, someone who deserved it and could use it more than me. I had enough work to go around, so I went for it.

Scottsdale Leadership has helped me understand the many needs in our community. I’ve been consistently donating to our local food bank and participated in the Adopt-a-Family program with fellow classmates.

At one of our recent class days, Chris Irish, executive director of Scottsdale Leadership, announced open positions on Commissions for the City of Scottsdale. I decided to pick the best one for me and apply. I don’t know if I will get the appointment, but at least I am learning about ways that exist to make a difference.

I hope that I can do it! I’ll take the advice of some of the great speakers we have had in class, who have made huge differences in the City of Scottsdale. They told us to start small and just take it from there. You never know where it will take you, as they hadn’t known themselves, but you never know unless you try.

Thanks to the entirety of Scottsdale Leadership, for the faith you have placed in me, and I hope to exceed your expectations!


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Good Advice for Leaders

Scottsdale Leadership Executive Director

Throughout my life I have been blessed to have many caring and strategic mentors. Some of these relationships were planned. Others were nurtured by friends and colleagues that were kind enough to answer my many phone calls seeking their advice and counsel. I’d like to share some of their wisdom…

No matter how you feel – get up, dress up, and show up
When in doubt, take a deep breath and the next small step forward
Ask for advice, it is usually free
Ask for help, it makes you stronger
Make peace with your mistakes or you will repeat them
Share what you know and you’ll learn so much more
You can’t lead unless others chose to follow
No matter if a situation is good or bad, the situation will change
Always observe leadership – the good, the bad and the ugly
Life is too short to waste time being angry
Attitude is everything
Believe in yourself and others will too
The best is yet to come

If you’d like to share some advice – I’m interested.

If you want to read more on this topic, here’s a good article: Best Advice for Leaders: Stop, Look, Listen by Albert Vicere

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Goals for your Community Service

Scottsdale Leadership Executive Director

Happy New Year!  The start of the year is the perfect time to set goals for that year, the decade and possibly even your lifetime.  I’m not referring to career or personal goals; I’d like to challenge you to set goals for your community service.

Most people don’t set goals for their community service, but we should.  Goals motivate and inspire us; they make our achievements more meaningful.  While the process for setting these goals will be similar to how you establish your career goals, it can be much more impactful!

First, make yourself FEEL…what are you passionate about, what tugs on your heart strings? Is it hunger, homelessness, illiteracy, or racism?  Obesity, addiction, or domestic violence?  Perhaps your interests deal more with improving the quality of life for the community as a whole.  Are you concerned about … transportation, blight, preservation, arts & culture?

Second, BRAINSTORM… most likely there is already an organization, commission or other entity working to address your issue.  Talk with their key leaders about how you could effectively expand or improve their efforts.  If you are already involved with this issue, get clear about what role you need to play to make a bigger impact.

Finally, SET GOALS for your community service.  Clearly identify the steps you will take to meet these goals.  Set specific tasks to be completed.  Be realistic in what can be achieved.

Community service gives meaning to our life.  Having goals will keep you on track, increase your achievements and enable you to celebrate your accomplishments! Get started today.

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The Challenge: Education

2009 Scottsdale Leadership Class Reporter

The Scottsdale Leadership Experience
This is the third of a 17 article series recapping Scottsdale Leadership’s nine-month Core Program. The program educates, connects and empowers citizens who are interested in community leadership.

Enlightening, confusing and compelling all in one – Education Day, October 9th. From kindergarten to post-college graduate studies, Scottsdale Leadership Class 24 members discovered that Scottsdale has much to offer. The Education Formula seems simple…high expectations that all children can learn + high quality teachers and curriculum + involved parents and community + college = career-ready leaders that are competitive and prosperous with the world! But how do we make this happen?

To read the rest of Suzanne’s blog click here.

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Scottsdale Needs YOU!

2009 Scottsdale Leadership Class Reporter

The Scottsdale Leadership Experience
This is the second of a 17 article series recapping Scottsdale Leadership’s nine-month Core Program. The program educates, connects and empowers citizens who are interested in community leadership.

Do you know the face of the person/family in dire need? Do you know how or where to help them? During our Human Services & Youth Issues topic day on September 25, 2009, Scottsdale Leadership Class 24 learned about the hardships faced every day by those unfortunately affected.

Eyes were widened by the remarkable people serving our community with passion, love and selflessness, and to the immense volunteer opportunities, during our visit to Vista del Camino (7700 E Roosevelt Street), Granite Reef Senior Center (1700 N Granite Reef Road) and the Paiute Neighborhood Center (6535 E Osborn Road).

To read the rest of Suzanne’s blog click here.

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Welcome to Scottsdale Leadership Blog

By Betsy Goreham

Welcome to the Scottsdale Leadership blog. My name is Betsy Goreham and I am a proud alumna of Scottsdale Leadership, Class 19, and current Board President.

According to www.scottsdaleleadership.org, Scottsdale Leadership develops tomorrow’s community leaders. We strengthen our community by developing, training, and empowering dedicated leaders through education, skill development, and mentoring and community trusteeship.

But by my account, Scottsdale Leadership is so much more. Scottsdale Leadership is also about aspiring higher, confidence in leading and the bond of friendship. As a class member and now alumna, the people that I encounter and am surrounded by are remarkable and inspiring. They motivate me to aspire higher.

Since becoming a member, I found the confidence to take the leap and have become a business owner. From implementing practices shared by alumni, my small business has won the Phoenix Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” and the “Alfred P. Sloan Award” for work place flexibility. I could go on and on about all the wonderful opportunities that I have seized because of Scottsdale Leadership, but I will save that for another time and another blog…

I do need to mention the bond of friendship. Through the experience of class, you really have the opportunity to get to know your fellow class members. You will learn, grow and change together: thus the bond. Five years later we still get together, volunteer together, vacation together and make a difference in our community together.

I am very excited about the current Class, 24! This diverse class will have the tools and network to continue to contribute to their communities though awareness, involvement and trusteeship… and so much more!

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By Fran Brennan, Class XXIII
Alumni Events Committee

The 2009-2010 year got off to a smashing start at our first Alumni event at Eddie’s House. 36 guests and Mayor Lane not only enjoyed the food, but also had the opportunity to hear from chef/owner Eddie Matney, as well as representatives from One Hope Wines.

Betsy Gorham, Board Chair, kicked off the evening with some opening comments. Then Shannon Wallace-Knell introduced Kristen Senseman of One Hope Wines. This amazing story of vision, execution and leadership began in the Fall of October 2005. By the Spring of 2006 One Hope Wines was incorporated and the first 150 cases of wine were distributed shortly thereafter. 8,000 cases were sold in ten states within the first year. But what makes this a truly unique venture is that 50% of the proceeds is donated to charity. Revenue from the Chardonnay is donated to Susan G. Koman for breast cancer, Cabernet Sauvignon to ACT! Today for autism, Merlot to AIDS/Life Cycle, Zinfandel to Snowball Express for the families of our troops, and one tree is planted for every bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that is sold! By June of 2007 One Hope Wines had donated $200,000 to charities. Since I know you will all want to purchase some One Hope Wines, you can find them stocked on the shelves at Albertson’s.

Then our host Eddie Matney recounted some of the experiences throughout his career that have led him to the opening of Eddie’s House on May 20, 2008. The economy took a downturn and things were tough for the first 15 months but Eddie had faith and perseverance. To quote Eddie, “We made it through this freakin’ summer!” Eddie told us that he has just signed on to do a cooking show, “Eddie On-Demand” on Cox cable channel 1, due to begin airing in the middle of December. Congratulations ! But, for Eddie, the highlight of the evening was learning that his 8-year old son threw for one touchdown and ran for another one at his school game.

Our next educational Alumni event is on Monday, October 5th where we will be taking a hard-hat tour of the new and expanded east wing of Scottsdale Fashion Square, followed by happy hour appetizers at the Grand Lux Café. We are very pleased that this event is completely sold out!

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