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Scottsdale Leader Recognition

Rachel Brockway, Class 23
Scottsdale Leadership Marketing and Resource Development Manager

Scottsdale Leadership is now accepting nominations for the 13 Annual Spirit of Community Leadership Awards.
Nominations are open for the following:
Frank W. Hodges Alumni Achievement Award
Presented by Prestige Cleaners, this award commemorates Class I graduate, Frank Hodges, by recognizing an alumnus of Scottsdale Leadership who has made a significant and notable contribution to the community. Nominations are due September 7. Click here for nomination form.

Drinkwater Community Leadership Award
Presented by Merrill Lynch, the Drinkwater award commemorates former Scottsdale Mayor Herb Drinkwater’s commitment to Scottsdale. Nominees for this award are not alumni of Scottsdale Leadership, but rather those who have demonstrated outstanding community leadership and service. Nominations are due September 7. Click here for nomination form.

Corporate Leadership Award
Presented by Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc. This award honors a company that supports a philosophy and process for involving employees in community service, honors humanitarian values, and positively impacts the community through leadership and financial support. Nominations are due September 7. Click here for nomination form.

Youth Leadership Award
Presented by Scottsdale Active 20-30 Club & Foundation, this award honors a youth leader in their junior or senior year of high school. Nominees are leaders in their school, family, community and extracurricular activities. Nominations are due September 14.   Click here for nomination form.

Award recipients will be honored at Scottsdale Leadership’s 13 Annual Spirit of Community Leadership Awards Luncheon, on Dec. 14. For more information, call 480-627-6710 or visit scottsdaleleadership.org .


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By Patti Counce
Scottsdale Leadership Class XVII

I am the mom of a young teen and I often wonder, worry and contemplate my son’s future; probably like most moms. I have moments when I think wow, he’s so awesome and is going to shake up the world! To OMG, what is going to happen to him? I am not talking about basic values, beliefs and purpose…those have been drilled into him since birth. I know he will always be a good person and he generally makes good choices when given the options. But what I wonder is how committed he will be to our community, helping others and making this world a better place?

Sure he’s in a great middle school, he’s in boy scout troop 616, involved in a stellar football organization, the Argonauts, and he’s in a Christian Youth group at St. Anthony. All of the above have amazing coaches and mentors that are teaching him about himself and about life. But what else can I do? See the following article, http://ianrnews.unl.edu/static/1003120.shtml, about a program that hits the mark for me… although it’s not exactly convenient to Scottsdale.

Let me know what you think or if we have something similar close to home that I need to check out.

I’ll take all the help I can get!

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