Scottsdale Leadership Arts Day with Class 31

30-daniel-mccrobieDaniel McCrobie
Salt River Project (SRP)

Arts in Scottsdale is so big, that it needs two days to see everything.  The class started out Thursday night for a walk along the Riverwalk to discover the public art on display. It was a fantastic night, a little chilly by Scottsdale standards but a great atmosphere for a stroll down the river where we saw different types of art. It is much more dramatic at night too, with additional shadows and lighting that really make for a great experience.

The next day the class did about everything in art – from music to improvisation to comedy to Tai Chi in the park. Our day chairs, Randy Nussbaum, Robert Leger and Rachelle Pierce threw the entire arts scene at our class so that we could learn about the different styles of art and even understand what art means to us, personally.

Here is just a small sample of what we experienced.  I got a henna tattoo, while learning about the art of henna and our artists who work in that medium:


We had lunch with a dragon:


And we built a techno song in the Brazilian style:


We were also treated to a race to see who was the fastest with chopsticks.  Eight different types of beans and seeds were put in paper plates and the object was to pick up at least one of each. It was definitely more difficult than it looked:


Classmates agreed that this was one of the best Leadership sessions that we had.  Class 31 is all about the interactivity during classes and this one really allowed personal exploration of all the different art mediums.


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